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Turning On The Power
Turning On The Power

Your body requires energy for everything you do.  Your thinking, breathing, walking, sleeping, talking, etc.. requires energy input.  Where is this energy made?  This energy is made / captured by the food you eat, oxygen you breath and natural sunlight you take in.  In fact, our bodies are designed to get 1/3 of its energy from sunlight.  Have you ever spent a long day outside in the sunlight and you’re just not as hungry as you necessarily would be if you were just sitting inside the house all day?  The infrared light from the sun actually spins the nano-motors of your ATPase in the mitochondria.   Lets stop and do a quick lesson on the mitochondria.  I would suggest watching this link from Kahn Academy. https://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/structure-of-a-cell/tour-of-organelles/v/mitochondria-video

Mitochondria use electrons from food (fat and carbohydrate) use Oxygen you breath in and make CO2 and H20 (carbon dioxide and water).  Thats correct, your body makes its own water.  Your body in fact makes more water than you could drink.  This water is very special water and is often referred to as the 4th phase of water.  This type of water is like a gel with charge seperation.  Think of Jello.  This water acts as a battery and is the medium which the body utilizes to run all your programs.  When you don’t make enough water you get sick.

When your mitochondrial health are impaired you get sick.  What I mean by sick is dis-eases such as dis-eases your doctor calls, cancer, diabetes, auto immune diseases, Dementia, cardiovascular disease, and pretty much 85% percent of all diseases that affect our current population.  There are true genetic diseases but those are rare.  Therefore, in order for you to be healthy and to stay healthy you should know a lot about mitochondria.

Here are some tips to increase your mitochondrial health.

  1. Red-light increases the production of mitochondria. The sun is 42% infrared light. There are many companies selling specialized red lamps for this very purpose. https://joovv.com is one of them I recommed.
  2. Our world is sadly blue lit, irradiated and microwaved now. This has massive effects on our mitochondrial health and the production of melatonin. In my strong opinion, there is an absolute necessity to wear blue light blocking glasses. Whenever you are in front of screens, smart phones, other smart devices, TVs under artificial light I would highly recommended wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses. www.raoptics.com USE THE CODE 620CHIRO to get your discount.
  3. Reduce your exposure to non native EMF’s. nnEMF from wifi, cell phones, phone towers, smart meters etc… destroy your mitochondria. Mitigate exposure. I have written a blog that covers this in detail. https://620chiropractic.com/emf-the-insidious-killer-of-the-21st-century/
  4. Make sure to drink 3-4 liters of cold, glacier or spring water daily.
  5. Eat plenty of fatty, wild caught, cold water fish. At least 3-4 times weekly.
  6. Stay away from mitochondrial poisons, such as artificial processed foods, vegetable oils, seed oils, glyphosate etc..
  7. Spend time outside in the morning watching the sunrise. Watch without contacts or glasses. Stand or sit barefoot on the grass.
  8. Use infrared lights to offset the artificial blue light when working on your computers.
  9. Time restrict your eating. Eat after the sun comes up and do not eat after the sun sets.
  10. Use an Infrared sauna 2-3 days per week and get a good sweat going.
  11. Do not use artificial light after the sun sets. If you must, make sure you offset with infrared light bulbs and wear your blue blocking glasses.

This is a good start. If you just become diligent about doing these things daily, you will notice an increase in your health.

Any questions, please contact drmicah@620chiropractic.com

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