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The 8 Levers You Control To Increase Longevity
The 8 Levers You Control To Increase Longevity

Living longer isn’t necessarily better if our later years are spent in constant pain and distress. A tremendous amount of resources and time are spent between the ages of 55-80 on medical visits, medical bills & medical prescriptions. Whether we are aware of it our not, the food we eat, air we breathe, clothes we wear, products we use and electronics we have play a vital role in our health. Most disease takes years to manifest. Just because you do not feel badly in your twenties, thirties and even forties, doesn’t mean you wont feel the effects of your lifestyle choices when your in your fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond. What can we do to increase our lifespan, delay the rate of decline in health and compress our period of morbidity? These are the 8 Levers which we control that can have a tremendous effect on our mental and physical state as we age.

1. What you Eat.
2. How you Exercise.
3. How you Sleep.
4. How you manage Distress.
5. What Drugs you take.
6. What Supplements you take.
7. What Hormones you take.
8. Your ability to Learn & Unlearn behaviors

Over the next 8 blogs we will investigate these eight topics and discuss how you can better your lifestyle choices to increase your lifespan, delay your rate of decline and compress the period of morbidity.

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