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Is Your Gut Eco System Causing Illness In Your Body?
Is Your Gut Eco System Causing Illness In Your Body?

Human health is closely linked to the diverse set of microorganisms in the intestine collectively known as the gut microbiota . This population of microorganisms and their genetic potential, or the gut microbiome, has been linked to human metabolism, intestinal homeostasis, immune development and brain processes and behavior. A stable and diverse gut microbiota, optimal for maintaining health, produces metabolites that fuel physiological and metabolic processes. The gut microbiota also tunes local and systemic immune responses to confer protective immunity against pathogens while simultaneously maintaining immune tolerance toward commensals. Other functions of the gut microbiota include fermentation of indigestible dietary components , breakdown of environmental pollutants and pharmaceuticals, and pathogen competitive exclusion. Alterations to the gut microbiota, known as dysbiosis, can disrupt these essential health-promoting services and are associated with gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, autoimmune and metabolic diseases. Therefore, the gut microbiome is a microbial ecosystem that operates much like a microbial organ that functions to promote health and prevent disease.

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