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Can You Cure Your Autoimmune Disease?
Can You Cure Your Autoimmune Disease?

Gut health has been linked to autoimmune disease, brain health, mental illness and many other diseases plaguing society.

Over the last 3 years the life expectancy in America is decreasing for the first time in recorded history. Why? Toxicity, mineral deficiency & poor gut health, which lead to inflammatory responses in the body, which, given long enough cause disease. Dis-ease or “lack of ease”. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, decreased cognitive function, and other autoimmune diseases, mental illness, depressions, anxiety etc…, are caused by constant and chronic inflammatory responses. Inflammatory responses are caused by, Food, Water, Environment, Clothes, Beauty & Personal Care Products, Wifi, EMF, & Poor Sleeping Habits. What you put in your mouth and on your body either creates inflammatory responses or inhibits inflammatory responses and leads to optimal functioning physiology. Our bodies & the environment in which we live must have a symbiotic relationship. The interface in which we communicate with the environment is through our microbiome (gut bacteria). Our gut contains trillions & trillions of bacteria. We have been trained by society that bacteria are bad, however, only a small percentage are bad. Most of the bacteria are good & are required for life sustaining functions. Think of your brain as the processor, taking information from the gut, processing the information and creating actions. However, the brain can send signals to the gut as well. The anxious or nervous feelings you get can disrupt the gut and cause the gut to respond with signals back to the brain. It’s a bidirectional pathway. In ideal world where food wasn’t polluted, our environment wasn’t polluted & our detoxification mechanisms weren’t stressed we might not need any supplementation. That’s not reality. We live in a toxic world, that’s a fact. It’s important that we add supplements that will augment our ability to detoxify our bodies. We need to repair our damage micro biome, detoxify & change our eating habits.

How do we rid your bodies of Autoimmune Disease, which is really just a chronic inflammatory response and change in your genetic expression by what you have put in your mouth, the environment toxins you’re exposed to and what you have put on your skin. Your gut micro biome changes your genetic expression based on these factors. In order to create a happy environment in your body and rid the body of toxins and inflammation you need to make changes. The major steps are as follows:

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