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In the last blog we discussed that the SCN is the area in the eye that receives signals from the light in your environment and uses that info to turn certain systems and functions on in the body. Hormone cycles, repair cycles and many others are all set by the internal clock system. When the SCN gets bad light signals, aka – non native Blue Light from Smart Phones, iPads, LED lighst in the home etc… the internal clock is out of whack. Looking at your Smart Phone first thing in the morning upon waking signals the body that its solar noon or later, when its really 6 or 7am. This throws off your circadian biology. This mismatch leads to all sorts of inflammatory conditions. The same can be said for looking at smart devices at 10-11pm at night.

In order to correct proper hormonal systems in your body you must have proper circadian biology. People who wake up fatigued and tired have circadian mismatches. Your cortisol is high at night and lower in the morning, which is totally opposite. This mismatch can lead to all sorts of conditions. Thyroid conditions, obesity, diabetes, cancers, etc. etc…

Our circadian biological hormone, LEPTIN, controls all the hormones in the body. LEPTIN directly and indirectly controls release of ALL hormones in the body. When you become Leptin resistant due to circadian mismatch you start to see chronic inflammatory diseases show up and hormonal panels get whacky.

What are some basic strategies to help reset your circadian rhythm.

  • Stand out side as naked as you can be and watch the sunrise. Stare to the East. Stand barefoot on the grass or sit and connect all four appendages on the ground while watching the sunrise. This is critical. 5-10 minutes is sufficient.
  • Watch the sunset. Same principal as Sunrise, but sunrise is critical so don’t miss it.
  • If you are overweight I would suggest eating 30 minutes or so after waking. Biggest meal in the morning and less for lunch and even less for dinner. Eat mostly good fats, with protein. No grains at all (no wheat, rice, soy, corn and all other grains are an absolute no.) Grass fed meats, wild caught fish, and organic eggs and veggies are great. Don’t snack and wait 5 hours between meals. Don’t eat after the Sun goes down.
  • Turn off lights in house after sunset. Use incandescent lights and candles.
  • Wear Blue-blocking glasses at night.
  • DO NOT look at Screens 2-3 hours before sleep.
  • Turn off your Wifi before sleeping.
  • Turn Phone onto Airplane mode.
  • Turn off all the lights in your house and walk outside barefoot. Look at the night sky and take some deep breaths and quiet your mind.

These are some basic ways to start the process. We will talk more about Leptin and how to fix this hormone in the next blog.

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